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Plummer Family History


Three Plummer brothers,  Hiram, Ira  and Philemon, were among the earliest settlers of the northern part of Wildcat Township.

They were the sons of Philemon and Mary (Means) Plummer who came from Guilford County, North Carolina, to Wayne County, Indiana, some six years before Indiana became a state.

They lived for a time in Wayne County, but entered land in Rush County in 1823.

Philemon, the father, died there in 1830 leaving the widow and children Hiram, Ira, Henry, Perlina, and three minor sons Philemon, Andrew, and Clement

Ira trapped and hunted over the wilderness of Wildcat Township for years before it came on the market in 1848. Ira's daughter Edith was born in Tipton County on March 12, 1846 and in 1862 married Thomas Osbourne, son of Joseph and Sarah (Burton) Osbourne.

Their children were Zimri, Joseph, Elizabeth and Guy. Ira bought and sold much land in the 1850-1870 period in the township. the land still owned by the Osbourne family in section 5 has probably been in the family since Ira Plummer entered it.

Philemon Plummer was born in 1810 in Wayne County, he was an elder in the Christian Church and performed a number of the early marriages. he helped form the first Christian Church on Irvin Creek and was active in the start of the Windfall Christian Church.

Henry Plummer married Lydia Vickery, daughter of Salathiel and Sarah (Long) Vickery, some of Lydia Vickery Plummer's brothers  entered land in Tipton County and one of them Martin Vickery was a doctor and businessman in Tipton.

Hiram Plummer's first land in section 12 east of Windfall, is still owned by a descendant Katherine Currie. Hiram and Lydia Vickery Plummer's children were Isaac, who married America Plummer and later Christine Holloway; Andrew who married Sarah Deer and later Rachel Smith; Salathiel Vickery Plummer; Eliza who married  Silas Mitchell's son James, and after his death a Mr. Bowen; Lydia
who married B.F. Patterson and whose only son was Charles; Amanda, who married Joseph Summers and whose son was C. A. Summers; and Martin Vickery Plummer,

Salathiel Vickery Plummer first married Martha Gray and in 1855  moved Iowa. his children by his first marriage were Sarah; George M, who married Alcy Leavell and had a daughter, Maude Prcesang  of Windfall; Alice; and Hiram David, who married Martha Garris.

Salathiel's daughter by his second wife is India Plummer Huffman Evans. India's half-brother Clyde Coffin, was a schoolteacher and a great source of pioneer stories and history.

The seventh child of Hiram Plummer, Martin Vickery Plummer was the father of Rufus Plummer, one of Rufus's grandsons is Robert Plummer of Wildcat Township. Frederick Plummer and his daughters
are descendants of Andrew Plummer, Hiram's son

from the indianapolis news, thursday june 26, 1884 andrew plummer and aged farmer, who resides nine miles northwest of Elwood, fell off the fence on monday, killing himself instantly, he was under the influence of whiskey at the time

SALATHIEL V. PLUMMER, a representative farmer, was born in Rush County, Ind., December 9, 1832, and is the son of Hiram and Lydia (Vickery) Plummer. Hiram Plummer located in Washington, Rush County, Ind., in his youth, and was there married. In 1849, he removed to Tipton County and purchased 160 acres; he dealt in land until he owned about 600 acres; he died August 29, 1868; his wife (aged seventy-four) is still living, and resides upon the old homestead. S. V. Plumrner received a limited education. Upon reaching his majority, he began farming for himself. In 1855, he and family moved to Iowa, and located first in Harden County and then in Marion County. In 1857, he returned to Tipton County, and purchased 120 acres for $1,500. By hard work and industry, he succeeded in making a good home. In 1865, he removed to Northern Missouri, but soon returned to this township; he then purchased 120 acres of forest land, upon which he lived until 1872; he then visited Kansas and Missouri, and located again in Missouri; returning home for his family, he soon purchased his present home of sixty acres, which is now well improved and under cultivation. Mr. Plummer was married, February 18, 1853, to Miss Martha J. Gray, a native of Owen County, Ind. By this marriage they have four children - Sarah A., George M., Alice and Hiram D. Mr. Plummer is a supporter of Democratic principles; his wife is a worthy member of the Christian Church.

"Counties of Howard and Tipton, IN" published in 1883 by F.A. Battey & Co., Chicago, IL
Wild Cat Township